While browsing through our WEB-Shop you noticed that the GOLD*CHIP is not the only Tachyon product of our assortment. Inspired by Nikola Tesla's work, we tried - back in the early 1990's - to create products that are able to manifest "invisible energy fields" for your personal wellbeing.

And it was and still is our goal, that the whole "stuff" must be cool and imply lots of fun … life is serious enough!

When we decided to break new ground in the late '80s and early' 90s and turn our back on esotericism, many people shook their heads in dismay: "You are too freaky, the whole thing is serious!" Well, as already said:

In our opinion, the whole thing should bring one thing above all: FUN !!!

Perhaps that was the reason why our first Energy*Card was the violet-colored VITA*CARD. The frequency of this color is known to transform all kind of energetic structures; as known since centuries from the amethyst. Violet helps to transform "things" ... and to reduce stress.

In the meantime - some 25 years later - we offer seven different Energy*Cards, which we present on our homepage www.energy-cards.com. Our Energy*Cards have primarily been conceived to energetically enhance tap water, beverages and food.

Apart from that - as you will see - our Energy*Cards offer additional interesting applications!

Courage ... and enjoy browsing !


Engineered in Germany & Switzerland
Made with Love and Compassion