Since the beginning of our activity we notice that the acceptance of having created something unusual has often failed due to mental blockages of our time. Therefore, it seems to be of great importance to bring the information about our Tachyon technology closer to a broad audience and to underline it with meaningful evidence.

To our delight we can acknowledge that this task has been made possible thanks to the help of external research labs. They clearly demonstrate the effectiveness of our BIOTAC Line© products.

Let us not forget that the leading science at the end of the 19th century made the unanimous assertion that a steam locomotive traveling faster than 30km/h will immediately implode (the opposite of explode). It is a pity that none of these "physics luminaries" is still alive and able to personally experience how it is to race through the landscape sitting in the Shinkansen.

>• study April 2001 * Hagalis Laboratories
>• study August 2001 * Coghill Laboratories
>• study June 2004 * EWB Laboratories
>• study December 2013 * EWB Laboratories
>• study December 2015 * EWB Laboratories
>• study December 2015 * EWB Laboratories


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