The direct comparison shows a significant difference towards the sample within which the mobilephone has been equipped with a chip that is supposed to reduce the harmful radiation. The neutral sample (images A1, B1 and C1) mainly shows long and rough cristalline needles which explicitly present an evidence of the cytopathic effects of the radiation. The risk to fall sick with a brain tumour is substancially higher with the neutral sample (image on the left) than with the sample with the GOLD*CHIP (image on the right). The „treated" sample shows much more biological activity; which is documented by the cristallisation in the middle of the image.

On our own account: We (BIOTAC Energetics) explicitly accentuate not to inflame tensions about mobile telephony ... but we like to point out emphatically that since 1997 we possess a -maybe still futuristic- technology which is able to harmonize radiation of mobilephone and other electronic equipment, too.

The GOLD*CHIP: an vital device for your personal wellbeing !


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