Water sample A * (40x magnification)

In image A1 clearly visible cross-shaped cristalline structures manifest. These types of „crystals" always reveal electromagnetic pollution exerting an influence on the nervous system. Such radiation charges show -if permanent radiation occurs- a degenerating influence on nerf cells. This fact may lead -considering the circumstances- to a degeneration of the genotype.

Particularly alarming is the fact that big and long cristalline needles show up; presenting explicitly the evidence of cytopathic effects. As those needles appear in the periphery of the image we have to proceed on the assumption that the cell degeneration may become such that in extrem cases brain tumours might form; especially if the person using the cell phone is morbid.

The area in the middle of the image, which corresponds to the metabolic functions in our body and indicates the biological activity of water in general, no cristals nor cluster are to be found. This fact indicates that the vitality of the water sample is more or less zero and that the water has lost all its connections towards natural live forces. The same applies for the detoxifying functions of the water in the natural metabolism of our body.

Water sample A * (100x magnification)

In this image the unilateral structures of this sample are very distinct. Cristalline structures with an 60°angle who show a biologic activity of the water a a natural vitality, do not appear in the whole sample. This fact is quite alarming as such water weakens the consumers. Water should not show such data.

In this regard it seems quite fatal if not only a single mobilephone influences a water sample, but, as often usual, a whole antenna is placed on a water reservoir tower. In this concrete case entire parts of the population of a city is provided with degenerated water! Unfortunately such installations became common in lots of cities. Exceedingly dramatic -concerning this sample- is the fact that no biological metabolic activity is to be found! We therefore urgently advise not to drink such kind of water or the vitalize it in order that consumers are not affected in health by drinking it.

Water sample A * (400x magnification)

This image very clearly shows the extremely rectangular cristalline structure. This structure indicates a very degenerating effect on nerf cells.

Comparing to the basis (normal tap water) the cristal structures did - physically considered - highly mutate.

In this case it means that the minerals in the water sample show a higher grade of disposition to resudue and to condense in the vessels of a human body. Blood samples of probands which have been exposed to the radiation of a mobilephone solely show 90°angular structures. If such structures are to be found on a macro-cristalline level they indicate a deficient state of health. This is another harmful factor not to be underestimated.

This water sample shows no cristalline structures normally to be found in natural water. Insofar we have to assume that this water sample is obviously degenerated.

>• series of images: B-sample (with GOLD*CHIP)


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