B-sample with GOLD*CHIP - (40x magnification)

This image shows rectangular structures which are substantially finely structured then the ones in the neutral sample without Tachyon-Chip.

We do not consider that the water has been vitalized, but rather that the harmful effects, caused by the mobilephone without Chip, has been almost completely neutralized. With the "Chip" a reduction of the carcinogenic effects in relation of brain tumours can be clearly seen. However one can not proceed on the asumption that a single study proves that the chip offers a cytostatic effect (inhibition of cancer cell growth and multiplication). A reduction of the highly carcinogenic electromagnetic radiation of mobilephones only can be established with a test involving a high number of probands.

Therefore we suggest to administer such a test with human beings. Than the results of our study may be confirmed. If such a study will show positive results, the GOLD*CHIP can be considered as an amazing product.

B-sample with GOLD*CHIP - (100x magnification)

This magnification shows subtle angular structures which are particularly visible near the picture margin. It seems that the effects of the electromagnetic radiation are still present.

The cytopathic effects concernung cancer however has been considerably reduced. By integrating the tachyonized chip the evaluation of the cristalline structure shows a distinctive reduction in relation to the risks of brain tumor formation. The different vitality degrees of the analyzed samples distinguish especially on the basis of the visible cristalline structures which formed themselves in the middle of the image. This sample (which has been exposed to the radiation of the mobilephone with the chip) features explicitly more biological metabolic activity.

These unequivoqal aspects are an obvious evidence that this sample shows and detoxifying effect for the water balance of our organism.

B-sample with GOLD*CHIP - (400x magnification)

This image shows a solely crystal with an 90° angular structure. This fact documents the harmful effect of the radiation. It is however by far not as unilateral as it was the case with the neutral sample. Therefore we proceed on the assumption that the impact of the chip was neutralizing !

The neutral sample shows a very unilateral structure which virtually existed in a complexe grid structure. The sample with the GOLD*CHIP shows a distinctive stronger kind of structuring and more dynamic structures which imply more vitality. This sample isn't as degenerated as the neutral sample and the biodiversity of the minerals is explicitly higher. This is an interesting partial success as the carcinogenic fractions of the mobilephone radiation have very likely been absorbed.

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