Control group #4

Human peripheral blood lymphocytes were isolated from a healthy 60 years old male donor by differential centrifugation on Histopaque (Sigma-Aldrich Chemicals ltd.) from 30 ml of whole blood obtained via venipuncture of v.cubitale into vacutainers containing anticoagulant (K2), and maintained in RPMI 1640 nutrient with antibiotics and antimycotics. Four standardized samples of the culture were placed in 2ml phials sealed with a plastic cap and pre-sterilised at 121degrees C under pressure. There was about 0.5 of culture in each sample. All glassware and instruments were handled in a purified air laminar flow unit to avoid bacterial contamination.

* * *

This control group describes the number of lymphocytes after the vials containing this blood sample have been irradiated for 8 hours with a standard mobile phone (Philips C12). During these test runs, the GOLD*CHIP was attached to the mobile phone, which in turn was only in stand-by mode.

The analysis of ten series of tests showed am average number of:

> 116 viable lymphocytes (yellow columns)
> 10 non-viable lymphocytes (red columns)

These unexpected results were the main reason why this study was repeated so often, as the results did not correspond in any way to the scientists' expectations. Originally planned was conducting one series... and not 10 !

Since the first series (we only pre-financed one series) - from a scientific point of view - showed "impossible" results, the team was convinced that the results could not be right. After 4 further series of tests with again "impossible" results, the next 5 series of tests were carried out personally by the leading research manager. However, even he was not "better" ;-) When, as we were later informed, he carried out the tests himself with the greatest possible care, he simply did not want to admit that the lymphocyte count was not subject to any error.

When the lab finally ran ten series of tests, the experiment was aborted... and kindly sent us all the results. Needless to say, this allowed us to acquire new customers.

* * *

The question that followed was ultimately the deciding factor that ten tests were carried out, and not just one (which we had also paid for):

Why did the control group with the GOLD*CHIP have more lymphocytes than the control group #1 ?

We will answer this question in the next section (résumé).

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