Why did control group #4 show so many viable lymphocytes ?

The answer is clear, but at first glance it does not seem so easy to understand. You remember:

>- Control group #1 (green) represents the normal sample (without mobile phone)
>- Control group #2 (grey) represents the sample (with mobile phone)
>- Control group #3 (black) represents the sample in the metal box
>- Control group #4 (yellow) represents the samples with GOLD*CHIP

Again, a quick reminder: The vials with the blood of control group #1 were placed in a normal environment; they simulated a neutral location.

But does a neutral location really exist today?

We are convinced that a modern city no longer has "neutral" places to stay. Apart from the fact that antennas are placed everywhere, many other electromagnetic impulses have been proven to exist which a) are in the open air and b) penetrate buildings. Not to mention WiFi.

Since mid-1997, tens of thousands of people have chosen a GOLD*CHIP: electrosensitive people, people who wanted something to protect themselves, people who are convinced that they need something and people who don't believe in any of it but for some reason bought this small gold chip.

Thanks to the feedback we have received since its launch, we are convinced that the GOLD*CHIP is a small "magic" object; even if it still causes head shaking in many people.


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