How come that control group #3 did show that many viable lymphocytes ?

Remember: Control group #1 (green) represents the normal probe, control group #2 (pink) represents the sample without protection and control group #3 (yellow) represents the sample with GOLD CHIP.

The phials with the blood sample (green) were placed in a “neutral” environment which simulated a neutral environment. But does nowadays really exist a neutral environment ?

We are convinced that a modern city does not dispose anymore of a “neutral” environment. Aside from the fact that everywhere antennas have been placed there is lots of other electromagnetic radiation which penetrates into the buildings and which affect also people walking in the road.

Since mid 1997 tenthousands of persons did acquire a GOLD CHIP: electrosensitive ones, persons that did search for something that protects them, persons that are convinced that they need something or other, persons that do not believe in all this but who did purchase this little gilded chip for any reason.

Thanks to all the feedbacks that reach us since its launch we are convinced that the GOLD CHIP is a “magic” gadget; although lots of individuals react with a shake of the head.