Impact on the power supply system ...

After several queries on behalf of some clients whether the virtue of the GOLD*CHIP limits to electric and electronic devices, we wanted to know if this being so.

End December 2013 we mandated a Swiss researcher and asked him to conduct a small study. He uses the already mentioned procedure, developed by the Japanese Dr. Masaru Emoto and was one of his staff during the 90s in Switzerland. The test has been made in a Swiss farmhouse.

For the realization of this study a small phial filled with distilled water (which is rarely capable to generate crystalline structures) has been placed in a 230V cable connector.

After a certain time twentytwo drops of the water have been freezed and photographed under a microscope. The picture to the right shows the photo with the cable connector and an image of one of the deformed “water crystal” which resulted.

>• results with the GOLD*CHIP


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