Shortly after the worldwide publications of the method of measurement developed in the beginnings of the 90s by the Japanese researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto we decided to have the virtues of the GOLD*CHIP examined.

We remember to a hair’s breadth that it took us several weeks to convince the laboratory to conduct the analysis. They did’nt want under any circumstances conduct such an analysis as all the tests they executed with so called “harmonizing gadgets” did not achieve positive results. “Until today”, so they said, “we did not encounter a single efficient product being able to harmonize the radiation of mobilephones”. After they finaly agreed they used -as base sample- vaporized distilled water. This type of “water” does not contain any chemical information. Otherwise normal tap water could falsify the tests.

In order to see for yourself how and if vaporized distilled water cristalizes, we present on the right side a typical “pattern”. It is clearly visible that vaporized distilled water shows a minimal tendency forming crystals.

>• Base sample testings


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