Let’s see what the Swiss Federal Office of Health published:

„It is not known if electromagnetic fields of WLAN represent a health risk. Generally viewed the radiation of WLAN devices is rather low. A precautionary handling makes sense if your body is exposed close to WLAN, laptops, electronic agenda or internet-phones."

K-Tipp (Swiss consumer magazine) June, 15th 2005:

„WLAN-technology has its dark side: it might be harmful for public health. ... prostate, testicles, bladder, womb or ovaries could be affected.”

Why did the committee of the Council of Europe demand on May, 27th 2011 from all European member states a general ban of WLAN at schools ? Because numerous attempts on test persons showed significant cranial motor dysfunction and disturbances of memory !

... hey presto, let’s stick a GOLD*CHIP on the router ...


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