Better performance ... less stress !

This little thing has been conceived in summer 1997. Imagine; the 24 carat gold plated GOLD CHIP is available since Puff Daddy, Jewel, Elton John, R. Kelly, Toni Braxton, LeAnn Rimes and Mark Morrison were at the top of the charts.

And if you think that the GOLD CHIP is some kind of esoteric paraphernalia: you’re wrong ! A) … mid of the 1990s we were the first company to present effective products in relation to this topic … and B) we are the only company worldwide to dispose of scientific studies that prove and confirm the positive effects of the GOLD CHIP.

All studies made with the GOLD CHIP and -above all- several thousands of satisfied customers confirm the virtues of this helpful gadget ! Ready ?

... so stick it on or inside your smartphone !


Engineered in Switzerland
Made in Germany