On the following pages you will come across some interesting information about the GOLD*CHIP: THE little "thing" that protects you absolutely reliably from the electromagnetic radiation of your smartphone ... and also perfectly suits for other electronic devices such as touchpads, laptops, monitors, etc. etc.

The GOLD*CHIP, developed in summer 1997 by our team (Norbert Kindl and Marco-Raffaello Dozio), was the first anti-electric-smog protective gadget for mobile phones launched on the world market.

Since its introduction in September 1997 the GOLD*CHIP does not cease to amaze thousands of users … and certainly will continue doing so for a long time ;-)

Due to the evaluations of several scientific and biophysical studies and -above all- numerous feedbacks on the part of our customers, we can assume in all conscience that the GOLD*CHIP not only transforms harmful radiations of electronic devices, but that this tiny gadget is may be very helpful in the case of:

fatigue * nervousness * stress * headaches
sleep disorder * dullness * burnout


Engineered in Germany & Switzerland
Made with Love and Compassion